A Garage
Full of Possibilities

We know, you've probably heard it from friends and family members: "Cash for Cars Palo Alto probably only buys new cars." Well, joke's on them! We actually buy all types of vehicles, and they don't even have to be functioning. After more than 10 years in the car-buying business in California, we have a huge network of buyers with demand for parts and cars. That means we need all types of cars - new, old, working, broken and even wrecked.

Is My
Car Eligible?

More than likely, yes! If your vehicle legally belongs to you and has no liens on it, it's eligible to sell to us for cash right now. We take all types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks and more. Wondering if we're interested in your unique vehicle? Only one way to find out! Give us a call at ###-###-####, and one of our friendly staff members will let you know if or looking for your unusual car or truck. Chances are, we are!

You Really Buy
Wrecked Cars?

Absolutely! If your car has been damaged in a wreck, we don't care if it's functioning or what it looks like.If you have been cleared by the insurance company to sell it, we're ready to buy your car in Palo Alto with no hassle, no haggling and no classified ad frustrations.

...And I'll Get Real
Cash for my Car?

We know that the cornerstone of building trust in the marketplace is being a business that keeps our word. When you sell us your used car, no matter what make, model, year or condition it's in, you'll be getting every penny in your quote - not a bunch of false promises and haggling.

Don't waste another minute wondering how you're going to sell your car. Late model, new model, vintage or junkyard-bound, we want them all. You don't need to clean them, smog them or do anything but sign your name on the dotted line for us. We've got cash with your name on it! Call now to get started: ###-###-####.


We've all been there - the rent is overdue, you've got bill collectors calling every 5 minutes, or someone is constantly bugging you about a debt that you owe. You need cash, and you need it now.

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