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We've all been there - the rent is overdue, you've got bill collectors calling every 5 minutes, or someone is constantly bugging you about a debt that you owe. You need cash, and you need it now. Luckily, you have a car that you don't want or need any more - so you can sell it and your problems will disappear. However, that will only happen if you sell to the right person. Cash For Cars Palo Alto has the experience that you're looking for and the money that you need now, without the issues that usually come from placing a classified ad. In a nutshell, we give you the "golden rule" ales experience - hassle-free treatment that we'd want ourselves!

Why You Should
Choose Us

We aren't the average car buyer! We are a trustworthy car-buying service that has been doing business in the Palo Alto area for more than 10 years, with the satisfied clientele to prove it. You never have to worry about selling to someone you don't know, or accepting cash that may have come from questionable sources.

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Any Style, Any Condition

While some car buyers may only be interested in the latest and greatest, we want cars of all types to fill or inventory. That means not only do we buy late model cars, we also offer cash for cars that have been in accidents, have mechanical problems or even project cars that are not finished. While these types of cars may normally have limited appeal on the open market, they're valuable to us due to our sales network. Our extensive market research and innovative business model is your gain. In addition, we can buy several cars at once if you have several available for sale: individual buyers typically are only interested in a single vehicle.

Your Privacy is Important

You wouldn't publish your address and phone number in the newspaper, or even give it to a stranger that asked for it normally, so why should you when you're selling a car? Revealing your personal information could have negative consequences where scammers are concerned, and you may even be putting yourself at risk for identity theft. If someone uses your information for illegal purposes, the cost of cleaning it up could be far greater than what you make on your vehicle. Keep your information safe by dealing with our company when you want to sell your vehicle in Palo Alto, California. You can take comfort in knowing that professionals, not strangers, will be the ones that deal with you.

A Quick Financial Boost

Personal checks and even money orders can take weeks to clear at the bank - not a very convenient time frame when you need cash for your bills now. When you call Cash For Cars Palo Alto, you'll get cash that you can use today- not tomorrow, not a week from now, but when you actually need it. In addition, you won't need to haggle about price with our buyers the way you would through a private sale -you'll just get a fair price from the start and cash once the sale is concluded.

It can be easy to procrastinate when something as big as selling your car ends up on your to-do list. When you want to sell a car in Palo Alto California, we're here to make the process as pain free as possible. When you sell to cash for cars Palo Alto, you won't need to get your car smogged, cleaned or even detailed. We'll take care of all the "little things" so you can concentrate on how to spend your newfound wealth.

Do you buy every car in any city? We buy almost any vehicle and we service all of Palo Alto as well as some places that are located near us. For whatever reason many people ask us if we service San Diego, California and as of now we do not. If you need to sell a car in San Diego go ahead and visit the website to contact someone in San Diego.

GET Cash, GET Peace of Mind and DEMAND a professional car selling experience: call our car buying team at (650) 517-6263 and discover how easy selling a car in Palo Alto can be!


We've all been there - the rent is overdue, you've got bill collectors calling every 5 minutes, or someone is constantly bugging you about a debt that you owe. You need cash, and you need it now.

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